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ISO 14001:2015 certified business dealing in Power Battery, Iron Lithium Power Battery, etc.
About Us

Driven by technology, Jiangxi Hualiyuan Lithium Energy Co. Ltd. is a globally renowned company for buying Lithium batteries of various specifications. Iron Lithium Power Battery, Ternary Digital Lithium Battery, Ternary Manganese-Doped Lithium Battery and Power Battery are to name a few. Outfitted with modern machinery, R&D and proficient people, our company is thriving at global level as a manufacturer, trader and exporter of aforesaid and more batteries. Backed by years of experience and 43 independent technologies, we have mastered our business operations and come up as a reliable business partner to ally with for buying aforesaid and more products. Besides, our offered batteries pass the requisite quality inspection and then sent for delivery. For this reason, the quality standards we maintain meet the industrial standards and exceed the expectations of customers. Moreover, to remain competitive in the market, we spare no efforts and continuously improve ourselves at every business aspect.

Brand Characteristics

Customers from the domestic and International markets prefer buying Iron Lithium Power Battery, Power Battery and other batteries of several specifications of our brand due to the following reasons:

  • Long-Lasting Technology: We have made innovation in the formula of material and the process for improving the cycle performance of our batteries. By doing so, the cycle performance has become 80 percent better.
  • Safety Performance Design: We optimize the design of electrolyte and battery separator and continuously enhance the level of safety error proofing while minimizing the probability of occurrence of safety issues of
  • Consistency Assurance: a perfect combination of comprehensive application of high-density battery technology, new energy, integrated charging technology and other life cycle with high technical content. Thus, ensuring equal consistency always.

Enthusiastic Employees

By operating in the market at a global level for almost a decade, we have achieved great success. This success and immense popularity that we enjoy today has not come to us with a snap of a finger, but is the result of the hard work continuously done by our 500 employees. Understanding the importance of teamwork, all our employees work together enthusiastically to help us achieve our desired results in bringing forth Power Battery and other varieties of Lithium Battery.

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